Why can't I load programs off a Zip or floppy that I copied from the CD that came with the XL?

The MPC truncates long filenames that are written to a Zip or floppy from a computer into the 8.3 format.  When the MPC loads the program file, the program file tells the MPC to look for sound files like BD6_LONG_HIT.WAV.  Unfortunately, all the MPC sees is BD6_LO~1.WAV, which is not the same file according to the MPC, so it reports that it cannot find the file and prompts you to SKIP.

This doesn't keep you from loading the individual sounds though, but loading an entire program is much easier than individual sounds.

If you are lucky enough to have compatible CD reader then this is not a problem.   If you can borrow one, you can load the programs into the MPC and then save them to MPC formatted Zip disks and keep those for later use.  (That's what I did, using 3 Zip100 disks)

I would imagine there would be a work around if you were able to change the sound filenames within the program file itself.  But with out some sort of automated task this would entail extracting the sound file listing from each of the program files and replacing each of them with the truncated filename.

Here's a fix I am working on:
Go and check out the small app that I wrote called SimpleXfer