Disk Operation

DELETING FILES. Much easier now. No more of that long graphic! You can just about delete files as fast as you push the buttons. There is also an option to delete all the files in a folder (or the root of a drive) which comes in handy. This just deletes the files in the current folder (or the root directory) and does not delete the folders in that folder.

FOLDER SUPPORT. Very nice. I'm now organizing much of sample collection into folders. Though, since I was deleting the moved files so fast, I inadvertently deleted an entire folder. oops. Fortunately I have a backup.

MAIN SCREEN USER DEFAULTS. The info you enter in this screen (Default BPM, TSIG, Bar length, Pgm off/on, Velo% and default track) are saved in the built in flash memory.

STARTUP LOAD.  There's now a new setup screen to tell which default device to go to when you select LOAD or SAVE. You can select floppy, SCSI 0-7 or F-ROM. This helps if you have replaced your floppy with a Zip drive so you can specify something other than the defaulted floppy. Now the absent floppy is no longer noticed. There's an additional field added here to tell the machine to automatically load an APS (all programs and sounds), ALL (all sequences file), both APS and ALL, or None when the machine is first booted. This info is of course saved in the built in flash memory.

UPDATING THE OS. If you do decide to remove the floppy, you do not have to reinstall it to update the OS. Just copy the new OS on a Zip (or whatever medium you are using) and load it into the MPC. I was wondering about this very thing, but found this small little blurb in the manual.