EB16 explained

The EB16 is the optional effects board for the MPC2000(XL).

It consists of 2 multi-fx and 2 reverbs.  


Reverb: You can freely assign the 2 multi-fx to any number of samples in a program.

-The reverb is only borrowed from the associated multi-effect. That is, whatever reverd setting used in M1 is the only type of reverb used in R1. -The reverb is output in whatever output assigned to the multieffect. Like if you have M1 assigned to outputs 1/2, R1 will only output on 1/2 -Output is stereo only. Turns any mono signal into a stereo output. Related to the fact the the effects can only be assigned to stereo pair (1/2, L/R, 3/4, etc.)

It is a true multi-effect. While low-end outboard FX boxes (Zoom 1204, Lexicon MPX100) can only use 1 or 2 effects simultaneously, with the EB16, you can use all 5 (?) effects at the same time in the multi-effects (M1 and M2)

More details of the effects board can be found in the manual for the MPC2000XL available at Akai.