Operating System Fixes:

Latest MPC2000XL Operating system can be found at www.akaipro.co.jp



1. When the MPC2000XL loads a binary file (.BIN) that is not for the MPC2000XL (e.g. operating system for S5000 or MPC2000), the operating system stored in flashROM may be damaged. This will cause the message "Insert MPC2000XL disk" to appear on the LCD, indicating that the operating system has been corrupted. - fixed
2. In MONO sampling mode if sampling is stopped by pressing STOP, incorrect data is added to the end of the sample. For example, setting the record time to 10 sec. and stopping the recording at 6 sec. will produce a 10sec. sample with incorrect data added to the end of the sample - fixed


1. When using the MPC2000XL as MMC Master and locked to external time code (MTC) the MPC does not start properly. When the MPC is started it sends PLAY and LOCATE commands. The connected recorder would begin playback but stop upon receiving a LOCATE command. - Fixed
2.When slaving to SMPTE/MTC with the Start Time set to 1 hour (in the Time Display page), the MPC does not sync to external time code correctly. - Fixed
3. While slaving to external time code (SMPTE or MTC) while in Song Mode, the MPC doesn’t lock properly to the master machine. - Fixed
4. If the MPC received a Start command (MIDI Clock) it would start from the beginning of the selected step rather than from the beginning of step 1. - Fixed
5. When the MPC is set to sync to external time code while in Song Mode with LOOP ON (main screen), with the Time Display set to HOURS, MINUTE, SEC mode, the NOW time of the sequence displays the time of the individual sequence rather than the value for the entire song. - Fixed
6. Tempo may be shown incorrectly in Song Mode. - Fixed
7. If a sequences parameters (only) were copied to another sequence, and that sequence was copied again, the final resulting sequence would contain incorrect data. - Fixed
8. When you COPY BARS to a new sequence, then decrease the number of bars with CHANGE BARS, the MPC hangs up. - Fixed
9. When the Note Variation setting is changed during SONG playback, the sequence may be corrupted. - Fixed
10. When saving a copy of the operating system to a disk with insufficient space, the save operation ended without a warning. - Fixed
11. When the MPC2000XL loads .ALL files from MPC60 disks, it hangs. - Fixed
12. Loading sequences created on the MPC3000 and larger than 280KB may cause the MPC2000XL to hang. - Fixed


1. Note selection via MIDI is supported for ERASE, Timing Correct and Edit Velocity on MIDI tracks.*
* Note1: Note selection is global and applied to all of the above functions. You cannot assign a note range for ERASE and a separate setting for EDIT.
* Note2: Note selection is always active. This allows the note range to be selected on the Main screen before entering the desired mode.
* Note3: To select note range, hold down one note while selecting the second note.
2. Note Variation Slider assignment can be changed while a sequence is in Play/Record.
3. When Note Variation is assigned, the 16-LEVELS function is automatically disabled.
4. The AFTER key can now be used in SONG and NEXT SEQ modes.
5. In STEP EDIT the Metronome is now turned on to assist with the proper duration of PAD/MIDI note data.
6. TRANSPOSE is now supported in SONG/NEXT SEQ modes.
7. When transposing a track (SHIFT-MISC./TRANS) it applies to the entire track regardless of the range assigned in the FIX field.

1. When 'Timing:' field is changed during recording, the recorded notes may move to different clock ticks. - fixed.
2. After the NOTE REPEAT key is locked with the SHIFT key, the first tap on a pad is not quantized. - fixed.
3. After using the COPY BARS function the MPC2000XL may freeze. - fixed.
4. If you exit from the NEXT SEQ screen without using the NEXT SEQ function, TRACK MUTE, VEL % and TEMPO CHANGE do not work properly in MAIN or TRACK MUTE screens - fixed.
5. In SONG mode, setting the Tempo Source to MASTER may cause the MPC2000XL to improperly slave to incoming MTC. - fixed.
6. When saving Standard MIDI Files, the duration is saved incorrectly if the note duration is longer than the sequence. -fixed.
7. Improved disk handling, including support for APS/PGM files that span multiple floppies, MPC60/MPC3000 sequence files that contain more than 64 tracks, Master Tempo settings from MPC2000 disks and Track Mutes from MPC60/MPC3000 sequence files - fixed.
8. Internal sound is muted if SOFT THRU is not set to "AS TRACK"
- fixed


1. Added support for 1024 byte/sector and 2048 byte/sector SCSI media used by many MO drives. It's now possible to use 3.5 inch 640 MB MO drives, 5.25 inch MO drives and DVD-ROM drives. DVD-ROM support provides the same functionality as a CD-ROM drive.

1. Lock-up problem that caused that Debug page to appear after using "Copy bar" many times, or using "Change bar" and decreasing the number of bars with the Jog wheel. - fixed
2. "Wrong Disk" message appears when .APS and/or .PGM files that span multiple 2DD MPC60/MPC3000 formatted disks are loaded. - fixed.
3. When loading programs and sounds that are spanned across multiple disks are loaded some sounds on the second disk would not be assigned to their programs. - fixed.
4. Events copied get erased when the sequence is changed and reselected immediately after Copy Track - fixed.
5. Files from SCSI removable media (such as Zip disks) could not be loaded if the disk was saved just after changing from another disk that had been saved to. The MPC2000XL would display "Wrong file format" - fixed
6. Improved sync when the MPC2000XL is set to MTC slave from one machine while also set to MTC master to drive a second machine. After several Locate/Play combinations that MPC2000XL may begin outputting incorrect MTC. - fixed.
7. Sequence data could be lost if a MIDI file was loaded and then immediately going to MIXER or PROGRAM mode without going to MAIN mode first. - fixed
8. Assigning Note VariationSlider to 'ctrl change' was not effective - fixed


1. Long Disk Save Times - V1.10 slowed the performance of disk saves. V1.11 has improved the performance back to the same level of performance of the V1.07 release - fixed
2. Internal drum sounds and MIDI event data would stop during playback of a sequence when the Tempo is quickly changed with the jog Wheel. The sequence appears to keep playing (counter continues) and MIDI Clock/MTC is still being output. - fixed.
3. The incorrect tick number (-1) was set on the Now: field in Step mode when set with the 10 key. -fixed.


1. "Erase All Off Tracks" (Move cursor to track on/off field and press OPEN WINDOW) might not work correctly. Tracks erased using this method become "unused" but may still contain data. - fixed
2. Samples with a "space" at the beginning of the name could not be loaded. - fixed
3. Hi-hat decay data from MPC60/MPC60-II sequences cold not be loaded correctly. - fixed
4. A song could not sync properly as a MTC slave device after locating to the end of the song. - fixed
5. After converting a sequence to a song, the song may not start playback when slaved to MTC. -fixed
6. A song may sometimes take a long time to start playback in MTC master mode. - fixed
7. The internal timing of a sequence may contain a slight inaccuracy when playing in loop mode due to a miscalculation of the loop point (less than 1 msec.) Short sequences playing in loop mode may drift out of sync if playing for longer periods. - fixed
8. "Error at xxxx:xxxx" may appear and lock up during save functions on some defective disks. -fixed
9. When updating the operating system, a "Completed" message may appear even though the system was not properly updated. - fixed


1. Zip disk data corruption - fixed
On MPC2000XL's with an ATAPI Zip disk installed internally, the data on the Zip disk may be occasionally damaged. This may happen when the drive is in sleep mode and and does not cor-rectly wake up when a disk operation (save or load), or a disk write operation (save, rename, over-write, erase, etc.) is performed. The wait time for the restart of the Zip disk in V1.12 OS is set to 3 sec. However the Zip disk may not restart within this time period, causing a timeout. In this case the next write operation may damage the contents of the disk. In V1.14, the wait time has been extended from 3 sec to 20 sec.

2. Song conversion problem - fixed
A Song may not be properly converted to a sequence if one of the sequences in the song has a large number of events (over 768 notes) and is repeated more than twice in the song.

3. Song conversion problem - fixed
A song may not be properly converted to a sequence if the sequence contains MIDI system exclu-sive messages and the track containing those messages is set to OFF, and the option of "OFF TRACKS IGNORED" or "MERGED ON MIDI CH" is selected in the song convert options.

4. MTC Slave problem - fixed
In MTC slave mode a song may play at an unstable tempo at the point where a sequence changes to the next sequence if the song contains several sequences with different tempos.

5. Edit range problem - fixed
In EDIT mode, the time range cannot be set correctly after pressing TC (F1) in STEP EDIT mode.