Using a footswitch to advance sequences

This is a neat trick to use a common footswitch to advance to the next sequence. 

First you are going to need a controller keyboard with a footswitch jack.  This footswitch jack needs to be setup to change programs on the master controller.    Also, make sure the controller is setup to transmit program changes.  On the MPC2000XL's Main Screen, highlight DRUM or MIDI in the lower left hand and click OPEN WINDOW.  Set Prog Change > Seq: ON.  You can leave the reception channel to ALL or switch it to same channel as the controller transmits .  What happens is as you press the footswitch, the program changes on the controller keyboard.  The controller keyboard transmits this program change to the MPC.  The MPC then switches the sequence to match the number of program change (normally incremented by one, but you can do some odd arrangement on some controller to jump programs).

You could also do this guitar foot controllers that switch programs for you.