Here's an online translation of the Japanese Akai FAQ for the MPC's. Sometimes difficult but interesting read anyway.

[ Q001 ] The MPC2000 does not operate with the MESAII. [ MPC2000 / MPC3000 / MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] The MPC2000, MPC3000, MPC2000XL does not correspond to the MESA.

[ Q002 ] Connecting the MIDI keyboard to the MPC2000, performing, musical scale does not change. [ MPC2000 ]
[ A ] Because the sampler of the MPC2000 is the drum sampler, the key it is not assigned automatically. If musical scale is acquired, assigning the sample in each pad, using TUNE, please can apply the sound of each pad.

[ Q003 ] The attachment disk of the MPC2000 (the Standard set) sound of bank 2 does not come out. [ MPC2000 ]
[ A ] As for the attachment disk of the MPC2000, the sample is not assigned in all banks.

[ Q004 ] Hitting the pad, being sound that to like to try comes out, it does, but? [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] When PROGRAM mode (the SHIFT+6) the drum1 in (the F1) it selects, for example the pad which we would like to assign (propellant-actuated device 1 of BANK A) it hits, it becomes PAD:A01=NOT 37. NOT:37=Snd: (OFF) it takes cursor, with the data dial sound selects. Also the other pad works in the same way.

[ Q005 ] When you try loading the data of the expectation which it saves, it meaning that sound does not come out, it does, but [MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] The MPC, because it has divided with the part of the sequencer and the part of the drum machine, the data respective does not have to save and must load. Because information of performance with the SEQ and the ALL, the sound which is assigned in the pad is handled with the PGM and the APS, unless there is either one, it cannot sound the sound of the substance with the sequence of the substance.

[ Q006 ] Being to like to make the sound of the OPEN/CLOSE HIHAT, it does, but. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] Inside program mode PARAMS (F2) over lap: When so the OPEN WINDOW it does, the Mute Assign picture comes out
When the note which is selected with Mutes OFF is pronounced, when the note which is been selective in the best step is pronounced stopping the sound before, it is pronounced. (Manual p128 reference)

[ Q007 ] We would like to verify the sound after the compiling with TRIM mode. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] PLAY (F6), PLAY X: So manner of the playback which is selected is done. When it plays back during start and the end, please hit the pad.

[ Q008 ] Setting method of the MULTI does not understand. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] It is under the left inside the MAIN SCREEN the S: Please do the OPEN WINDOW from S to M. The MIDI channel is allotted with item of the OUT of each track/truck. It returns to the MAIN SCREEN, allots the DRUM1 - 4 to each track/truck.

[ Q009 ] You can read the data of the MPC2000XL with the MPC2000? [ MPC2000XL ] [ MPC2000 ]
[ A ] As for APS " ALL DISK Requires newer OS! " As for.ALL " WRONG FILE! " With error coming out, it cannot read. It reads the.PGM.SND.MID, and it is possible.

[ Q010 ] You can read the data of the MPC2000 with the MPC3000? [ MPC2000 ] [ MPC3000 ]
[ A ] When in the MPC3000/LE, it tries to load the data which was made with the MPC2000 to the MPC, " the new ? - being to be the data which was made with the ?? ?, kind of warning where you cannot read ", comes out. As for compatibility of data, ".SEQ.ALL.APS.PGM.SND " of MPC3000/LE -> MPC2000 all OK The MPC2000 " the.MID (only as a SMF)" -> the MPC3000/LE

[ Q011 ] The data the SAVE it is not possible in the CD-R/W. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] There is no CD lighting function in the MPC 2000 XL. Is only usual saving to the MO and the hard disk and the like.
When the data is retained with the CD -R, saving the data to one time MO and the hard disk et cetera, using the CD lighting software on the personal computer, please draw up the CD -R.

[ Q012 ] The MPC does not recognize zip drive. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] Is the ZIP drive which is used probably the SCSI model? There is a SCSI model and a parallel model in ZIP drive. Usually, the terminator the ID (5 or 6) there is a selector switch between the SCSI connector which is two the rear. Unless there is this, when it becomes, there is a possibility of the parallel model and cannot use. Verification.

[ Q013 ] The data cannot be exchanged in the PC and direct. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] Connecting the MPC2000XL and the personal computer to direct, it cannot use. When it is worst, there is a possibility of destroying the data. If it exchanges the data, the removable disk of external (the zip and the like) to use, every time, doing again to connect with the MPC-zip and the PC-zip, use.

[ Q014 ] Please teach the active SIMM. [ MPC2000XL ] [ MPC2000 ]
[ A ] Those of the green house make being to be sold as the one for sampler we recommend this way.
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[ Q015 ] You can use pitch bending of the MIDI keyboard? [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] It cannot receive from outside in regard to pitch bending. When musical interval change is given, it assigns the TUNING in the note variation slider, it reaches the point where it controls with control change.

[ Q016 ] Method of making the program does not understand. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] Program mode (the SHIFT+PROGRAM) entering (at this point in time it does not care with whichever, entering DRUM1 - 4 somewhere, but really the DRUM1 - 4 it assigns which program respectively, the DRUM * please select here, select the program inside the ASSIGN.) Please verify that it is in the function of the ASSIGN. And, please do the OPEN WINDOW. The NEW (the F3) with drawing up the new program and acquiring name and the DO IT, closing the window please return to the ASSIGN picture. The drum pad which we would like to assign is hit, the SND: When it takes cursor in the place of OFF, with the DATA knob sample name indicate makes sound sounds with that pad.

[ Q017 ] The OS cannot be updated from the FD. [ MPC3000 ]
[ A ] The ROM (the system of the MPC3000/LE, because read-only memory) it is written, rewriting is not possible. ROM exchange is necessary. Every starting by the OS disk when starting becomes to make the disk read. To the musical instrument store or our company service from the collar please inquire concerning version rise.

[ Q018 ] With the Ver1.07 the SCSI connected equipment being not to be able to use, it does? [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] Because at our company at operational check point in time of drive, the substance verifies always with up-to-date version, we have become V1.11. Especially if there is no necessity in use with of V1.07, you connect to SCSI drive with the V1.11 which is relation and the up-to-date version which are not done to use, that it receives, we ask.

[ Q019 ] The disk of the MPC format being the computer, you cannot read just. [ MPC2000 ] [ MPC3000 ] [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] As for the partition of the MPC3000/LE, being not to be the DOS format and compatible the after the partition B you see on the personal computer and the ? increase are. In addition, the format of the MPC2000/MPC2000XL has designated the FAT16 as the base, but because the format of the MPC3000 has designated the FAT12 as the base, the MPC2000 please think the thing which differs.

[ Q020 ] Contents of attachment CD-ROM we would like to carry to the MPC with the FD. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] With the specification of handling file name, time catches somewhat. The CD-ROM of attachment the computer (the Mac & Win) itself it is possible from CD-ROM drive of built-in to copy the data in the DOS format being completed floppy, but note is necessary in regard to those which 8 letters or more are used in the sample name. Because it differs from with the method of handling the file name in the MPC2000XL and the method of handling the file name with the computer, the CD-ROM of attachment is read on the computer, (handles) with the file name is modified. When in the program assigning in the pad with this, sample name and actual sample name to differ, reading the program and sound, that way, because it is not possible, to put out sound from the pad, it is necessary to do again to assign.

[ Q021 ] We would like to sound the sample with the MIDI keyboard. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] In regard to the sound which is assigned in the drum pad, to make pronounce with the MIDI NOTE information from outside, it is possible. (Instruction manual P117 reference) However, because with the pitch which automatically is adjusted to the keyboard different from the sampler playback does not become possible, musical scale amount it is necessary to assign in the pad. (Instruction manual P118 reference)

[ Q022 ] Changing the internal sound source with program change, we would like to use. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] Equal to necessary number program compilation (. " One reference of making the Q016 program") it does, it allots MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE number vis-a-vis the program. (Program number and MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE number inside the note MPC are different.) Procedure: Program mode (the SHIFT+PROGRAM) entering, please verify that it is in the function of the ASSIGN. And, please do the OPEN WINDOW. MIDI PROGRAM change: Changing value, closing the window, it returns to the ASSIGN picture. This please keep confronting the respective program.

[ Q023 ] Saving program change reception, in the IGNORE when loading, it returns to the RECEIVE. It is similar concerning the MIDI SYNC. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] Setting is retained when retaining the APS file. PROGRAM - as for parameter of the page of the DRUM it is not setting of the program for the reference and is setting of the DRUM. Parameter of the DRUM is retained in the APS. Concerning the MIDI SYNCH, it is retained in the ALL file.

[ Q024 ] From the old OS you must update OS update in order, being, it does? In addition, being the instruction manual and something where file name is different, it does, but there is no problem, is? [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] Concerning the OS of the MPC2000XL former improvement item everything is thoroughly contained in the Ver1.11 of up-to-date version. It is not necessary to update consecutively. Especially e.g., necessity (we would like to use by any means with the Ver.1.06, if) there is no, with up-to-date version to use in order to receive, we recommend. It differs file name being something due to the defectiveness of the manual. It was thawed the MS-DOS (the PC) in the disk which the format is done you to copy " the mpc2kxl.bin " with procedure of sort of the from now on manual please update. If update completes, the OS is recorded to the ROM inside the MPC itself.

[ Q025 ] When turning on power, being to like to make load automatically from the SCSI drive which connects it does, but. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] It is necessary to make setting the memory inside the substance remember.
With setting of early device SETUP Primary device: SCSI-1 and AUTO loding file typec:aps+all setting doing When saying to one time " MAIN SCREEN ", it is recorded. When modifying this setting, before dropping power source, please be sure to return to the " MAIN SCREEN ".

[ Q026 ] We would like to allot the program to each every sequence. [ MPC2000XL ]
[ A ] The sequence respectively ("the PGM: of the MAIN SCREEN When") program number is inserted, the program-id which corresponds to that is indicated in the rear " of the S:DRUM1:OFF ". If (allotment of program change number to each program here) being to be assigned with this, changing the sequence, does " the PLAYSTART ", the timbre changes. Here becoming an important point, changing the sequence, it means doing " the PLAYSTART ". Simply with " START " it compares, playing from the head, you do not read the information of program change.