Memory in the MPC2000XL

First the MPC2000XL will only take 16 or 32 Meg sticks (72 pin SIMMS, 70 ns or faster), but that's not enough info with all the types of memory available. Second, the memory is the same as computer memory and there's no such thing as special sampler memory. Personally, since I have lots of memory around, I usually use trial and error until I find one that works, but I know most of you don't have that luxury.

With some more help from Sevo, I have this correspondence with him:

> When buying 16MB (70ns) SIMMS do I purchase EDO or True Parity? I've seen

> both higher in price than the other , so I'm not sure what is better or what

> should go in the MPC.

I have one 32MB Texas Instruments 60ns EDO SIMM installed, without any failure over one year, and a friend uses a no-name 70ns FPM (fast page mode) module successfully. I originally tried one 32MB strip of 70ns Kingston with true parity, which failed. It is quite likely that the MPC can't handle the parity and ECC bit respectively the extra RAM chip(s) required for it, so I'd stay clear of all ECC and parity SIMMs.

> Does having 60ns SIMMS installed in the MPC have any consequences on the

> hardware like the motherboard or any other onboard components?

Generally, no. The timing figure on EDO and FPM SIMMs only describes the lower threshold at which you still are able to access memory cells. Operating SIMMs at slower access rates will not affect operation, but operating them faster may. I.e. you should not use 80ns memory.

More important in recent SIMMs is that they often use composite memory, i.e. a smaller number of higher capacity RAM chips with added logic to divide them logically into the sixteen chip architecture SIMM originally was designed for - this can put extra strain on the memory controller beyond the capabilities of the MPC.

> The memory I installed in my friends MPC2000xl looked like regular computer memory.


It is regular computer memory. There is nothing special about MPC SIMMs - indeed, the more regular, the more likely it is to work. The SIMMs I have been successful with were standard (non-composite) EDO or fast page mode with 70 or 60ns rating.


>(The box even stated better internet performance! So obviously it

> made for computer but happens to be 70ns)Note: This memory was actually

> bought at a music store [Guitar Center]. Would I be better off trying to

> find good brand name memory at a local computer store like CompUSA.

> (Kingston,PNY, etc.)


Kingston has modules with defined specs - you can explicitly get 16 chip modules from them where computer dealers will only offer the one kind of memory they just have in stock. But even Kingston does not list any module as known to work with the MPC. Skipping the modules designated x36 (parity) or composite (i.e. 8-chip and single-sided), there is still some choice among different 16 and 32MB modules on their web catalog, and only practice will tell which one will do - your best bet would be with a dealer that allows you to return the module if it should be unsuitable.