Place the MPC upside down on a soft surface. A folded towel works very well.

Discharge any static electricity by touching grounded metal. The case of your computer or any household water pipes are good examples.

Remove the small screws around the bottom outside edge of the MPC (there are about 10). Remove the 2 recessed screws that attach to the bottom of the disk drive.

You should be able to remove the bottom plate. This is all the disassembly that is needed.

If the front the MPC is towards you, then you should see the pair of white memory holders in the bottom left of the MPC.

Remove the memory from the anti-static bag taking care not to touch any of the metal contacts.

Looking along the edge of the memory you will notice a slight indent on one edge. This is to ensure that the memory fits only in one direction in the memory holder. This indent goes towards the left. Also, make note of the two holes on the memory board. You will check these later for proper installation.

If inserting two memory sticks, place the first stick in the back holder at a 45 degree angle. Make sure it is inserted all the way. Then gently push the memory into an upright position.

Once upright, there should be two plastic holders residing inside the 2 holes on either side of the memory. If so, that stick is properly inserted.

Insert the front memory stick in the same method.

You may replace the bottom cover, unless you would like to check the memory right away.

To check the memory right away, turn the MPC over before replacing the bottom cover. Be careful that nothing touched the inside components of the MPC. Plug in the MPC and turn it on. Select Shift + Sample and hit Open Window. You will see an indication of the amount of memory that the MPC recognizes.

If 2Meg shows, then the MPC did not recognize the memory. It may not be installed correctly or you did not buy it from me. If 18 meg shows, then the MPC recognized one 16 Meg chip (16 extra + 2 install = 18 meg). If 32 Meg shows then all is OK. If anything else shows then there may be serious problem since these are the only possibilities.

If 18 meg shows, troubleshoot this way. Turn off the MPC and unplug it. Turn the MPC back over. Visually inspect the memory to see if either chip looks angled. If the memory is not perfectly level, it may not be inserted properly. If one is angled, push on the metal retaining tabs on the edges of that stick of memory as you are gently pulling the top of the memory forward. The memory will release back to a 45 degree angle. Once released you can remove that stick and try to reinsert as above.

If both look inserted and only 18 still shows, remove one and try again to determine if one stick is a problem. Try using one stick at a time in each of the two slots. This may also help to determine if one of the slots is not functioning properly.

The only other suggestion I know of if you are still having problems is to try a single 32 Meg chip.