Automating mix changes

This one is actually from s4s at

You can overdub in mixer is how..
1. Go into Mixer settings (SHIFT + 7)
2. Go to setup in the mixer screen.
3. Turn record mix changes to yes.

Highlight a parameter for a sound that you want to record mixer changes (pan, level, etc)
Now start OVERDUB in the mixer screen, not the main screen.

While you are recording use the dial to modify the parameter of the sound. When done, stop the sequencer. Hit play to listen to your results.


dj urban one adds:

Adding to the s4s tip about automated mixer changes....
before doing this make sure you are on an unused track in the main screen.Because the mix changes are "recorded" on what ever track you're on in the main screen.If you don't like the changes you made and want to delete them you have to delete the track which they were recorded on.If it's a track with info on it there's no way to edit out the mixer change info.Not even in step edit.

I added:

Well, you can acutally delete the mixer changes rather quickly. In the step edit screen, hold down the LOCATE button and press the STEP > (or <, depending on what direction you want to go). This immediately jump the sequencer to the next event in that sequecner. This allows you to quickly hit every event in a track for quick deletion (or editing).