Track Mute and Solo

> Do track mutes carry over between patterns? Or, when I switch from pattern
> A, where I've muted 7 out of 8 tracks, to pattern B, will pattern B start
> with those same tracks muted, or all tracks unmuted?
Each track mute/unmute is stored with that sequence. So they are independent of each other. Whatever state you leave that sequence will be that way when you go back to it. Which tracks are on/off are even saved that way so when loading a sequence off disk the tracks are on/off as you previously saved them.  

> Can I mute/unmute more than 1 track at a time?  

Yes. There's even screen which shows which tracks are on/off and the pads correlate to the tracks allowing you to turn on/off the tracks like MMT8. Not only can you mute as many tracks as you got fingers you can also solo a track.  

> Do solos carry over between patterns? Or, if I'm soloing track 6 on pattern

> A, and I switch to pattern B, will all of pattern B's tracks play, or just
> track 6 on pattern B?

Solo's are similar to above, doesn't carry over.