>i have a mpc 2000.. is it possible for me to record my mute changes in realtime in the 2000.... if not then is it able to do this in the xl version..i'm trying to do elaborate mute changes on the 2000 so i can just dump straight into my 1680 and mix and etc.. any help or suggestions on how others are doing this would greatly be appreaciated... tra-dog<

Track mutes themselves are not recorded in either model.   The way it is usually done is by using song mode.  To set up for this you unmute the tracks you want played first.   Then copy the sequence to the next available sequence.  Go to that sequence and unmute tracks.  Copy sequence again and set tracks you want muted/muted for that sequence.   Soon you will end up with a few dozen sequences, each having their own variations of muted and unmuted tracks.  Then go to SONG MODE. There you insert the first sequence you want played and how many times.  Then insert another sequence and how times that one to be played.  Keep going and eventually you will have an entire song made up of sequential sequences.   From this screen you can play the song out in it's entirety and enjoy!

This way you are laying out WHEN each track gets muted/unmuted by using different sequences and then specify the order and duration each of those sequences gets played.

This is one of the most useful features of the MPC as far as creating an entire song. You will get much joy out of this!