Here's something to consider when creating programs on the MPC

When creating drum kit programs I try to use a GM type layout. I do not mean GM drums themselves, but kits that are laid out in GM order. 35=kick, 36=snare, etc. Here's the default layout of the MPC with GM names:










Crash Cymbal 1

Splash Cymbal

Ride Cymbal 1

Ride Cymbal Bell


Short Guiro

Long Guiro

Short Whistle

Hand Clap

Hi Mid Tom

Lo Mid Tom

Low Tom

High Floor Tom



Mute Hi Conga

Open Hi Conga

Low Conga

Electric Snare

Acoustic Snare

Open Hi Hat

Pedal Hi Hat


High Timbale

Low Timbale

Hi Woodblock

Lo Woodblock

Side Stick

Kick Drum 1

Closed Hi Hat





Open Triangle

Mute Triangle



















Open Cuica

Acoustic Bass Drum

Low Floor Tom

High Tom







Long Whistle


Mute Cuica






Hi Bongo

Low Bongo

High Agogo

Low Agogo






Chinese Cymbal

Crash Cymbal 2


Ride Cymbal 2







Using a this layout will make your sequences compatible with any other GM style mapped kit. I've created hundred of programs using this method, any of which can be used on any of my sequences. I might not like the sounds I started with when writing a song so another compatible kit is only a knob turn away by changing between loaded drum kits. This layout is compatible with outboard drum machines that are GM compatible. If I do not want to use the MPC's sampler, I just change from DRUM to MIDI and presto, new set of sounds (kick gets replaced by kick, snare replaced by snare, hats replaced by hats, etc.). It is not necessary match and use all the sounds, but matching the core sounds (kick, snare, claps, hats, crash etc) is at least needed. Changing kits is fun to do while playing live too.

Anyway, if you still insist on using a different layout, just create a new program with the different pad layout and without sounds. Save this as a template to use each time you create a kit. When you save the program, the pad mapping gets saved with it.

Any reputable sample retailer or sample CD creator WILL use this layout. If they do not, then I would never, ever use that kit whether I paid for it or not. It is not worth the hassle.