My MPC Software:

MPC Editor:

The MPC Editor allows you to create program files on your PC. You can adjust various settings, such as mute groups, mixer settings, tuning, resonance, filter and most of the settings that are available. It allows you to assign samples to particular pads by dragging and dropping the sample files from the sample list to the pads. When you are done creating your application, you can either save your program or export to drive of your choice.

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I wrote a small Windows app that will transfer a program and associated sample files from the Sample CD included with the XL to a removable drive. While doing so, it modifies the program to substitute the short filenames so the MPC can find the samples. This is essential if you do not have a SCSI CD reader to connect to your MPC. I spent most of time making sit a standalone executable, so additional files do not need to be distributed. Just run the app from anywhere. This software is free. Just make sure the readme.txt is distributed with the app. Download it here: (12k)

Visual Basic 6 Runtime files from Microsoft are needed to run SimpleXfer:

This does not work for the non-XL model (which is not supposed to have this CD anyway) Anyway, you can use the Editor above to export and convert the programs from the CD for that model.