Start of a Troubleshooting Section


My External SCSI device doesn't appear to be working anymore?

If the SCSI cable gets plugged in or unplugged while the MPC is on it can Blow the SCSI fuse. You may need to have this looked at by an authorized service center. I don't have anymore information on this. I haven't seen any type of regular fuse in the MPC (except for the main power itself). It may very well be a surface mount fuse and the most likely candidate would be a small green component I saw called FS80 near the internal SCSI connector. (FS = fuse?). I'll stop by and ask my local repair shop about this, but have a feeling there's nothing an end user can do about this.

Well, I asked my local repair shop. It's actually a cross between a fuse and a solid state device. It's a fuse designed to protect solid state devices. It is very small, surface mounted, and not something you would want to replace yourself.


I just installed an internal ATAPI Zip and it does not work.

The most common problem is the Zip not being set to master or one end of the IDE cable is flipped.


More coming as I dig up more information.