I'm upgrading to the XL model, what can I expect?


> I am buying a MPC2000-XL on Tuesday to replace my MPC2000. I'm wondering how

> much massaging I need to do with my old files.

> Will the sequences and programs I have created on the MPC2000 simply work

> first time when I load them? Do I need to make mods at all? Will it simply work or do I

> need to jump through a few hoops first? Just trying to figure out how many

> late nights I'll need.


It will be easier than you think. I've heard that you should be able to load them right up without problem. (I didn't convert any myself switching models, since I made new ones). The XL is 4 part multitimbral but I think it loads all the existing parts just into the first section and behave as you are used to.


Oh, if you are used to staying in the TRACK MUTE screen and switching SEQ from there, be prepared to have to jump to another screen (NEXT SEQ) or back to the main screen to do so. The XL lost the ability to change sequences from the TRACK MUTE screen. I'm counting on it coming back in a future update. It not that bad and goes quickly.