ATAPI Zip and OS Update - You may run into a problem updating the OS of the MPC with an internal ATAPI Zip. If you update the OS from and ATAPI Zip, the MPC my fail to recognize the presence of the ATAPI Zip upon reboot. I suggest updating the OS from an external drive or by placing the floppy back into the MPC for updating. I have not fully tested this issue or the fix.

Going from Play to Overdub and back to Play without stopping the sequecner disable the Next Sequence function.

When an MPC is slaved to midi clock, it will start upon pressing play, but the tempo field still shows EXT. Although you can still change the tempo, you cannot see what the value is.

Changing TC while in Step Edit screen causes a bug in the sequencer's edit screen. The Start and End times will lock as the same value. (Thanks to Dopy for finding this one). Alex from monomusik Cologne/Germany found that changing the TC value in the step edit screen also affect the punch in/out times. Thanks to both! Akai now has this info and verified the issue. It has been submitted for fixing.

I've found that if I have data in the first few bars of the MPC and I go to LOAD and switch from SCSI to ATAPI (I have both in the machine), the MPC decides to spit out the note and even sysex data from the sequencer. I know it's a very strange place for a sequencer bug and I don't know if this happens for the floppy too. It's very easy to recreate.

When the unit is playing and slaved to midi clock, and you change the NV slider options, it goes into stop mode upon leaving the NV options page.

At least a couple of us have managed to get the XL to crash.   Appears to happen during track editing/quantizing.  Akai still has the debug routine in the OS when error occurs, so we get screenfulls of memory dumps.  Programmers need to remove the routine and insert failsafe routine to drop back to screen without data loss.

Incorrect information in the Midi implementation charts.  CC#7 does not control the NOTE VARIATION SLIDER and CC#6 does not enable the NOTE REPEAT FUNCTION. After speaking to Akai about this, there appears to a misprint in the midi implementation chart.




Sample while sequencing.

Drum grid a la r-8 mk2. Each pad represents a 16th note. You select the pad and then hit play and you can mash out your sequence that way.

Change sequences from the TRACK MUTE screen.  Very Important!  Not a problem with former model MPC.

Ability to assign a controller to NEXT SEQ like you can with RUN, STOP, etc. from in the Controller Assignment Screen.

TC values such as 1/4, 1/2 and even 1/64.

Real-time record of track mutes/unmutes.

Note selection via Drum pads for ERASE, Timing Correct and Edit Velocity on MIDI tracks.

Allow Fader to be active for midi tracks, like send/record CC's.

Allow Fader to be active for Mixer settings, PAN, LEVEL, EFFECTS LEVEL for recording into sequences.


Would like the MPC to read long filenames off FAT file system (Zip disks and floppies).   This is mostly due to the all the long filenames off the supplied ISO-9660 CD-ROM that comes with the XL.  Your computer reads the long filenames and the MPC can read the long filenames off an attached SCSI CD reader, but the MPC cannot read the long filenames off a Zip or floppy if you transfer files by computer to that floppy or Zip.

Allow the MPC to read .aif files.

SCSI transfers would be nice, but don't expect that to ever happen.


Sample while sequencing.

Program mono mode with portamento.

Option to copy and paste settings from one sample to some or all notes in the program. (Currently works for individual notes, but can't apply to several or all notes at once)

Pitch envelope and LFO.

Allow cancellation during long audio processing.  Some processing takes a very long time and a way to cancel it would be nice, or even a % completed so we know when to come back.


Auto-zero-cross or loop crossfade.

More filter options?  Even a high-pass would be nice.

Thanks to ari (spacelf@hotmail.com)  for many of these suggestions!

Here's a set from 2toneb@moon.....
to use the "After-Button" (and slider) you must select the Track, which contain the sound (it's bad) !
need a "Keygroup" to select more than one sound for the "Note Vari.-Fader" !!
need direct jumping between "Track Mute" and "Next Seq"-"PAD" (faster!)
direct jump from "Mixer" to "Track Mute" and "Next Seq"-"Pad" !!
Locator Mode: direct jump to the selected points with the play Button (faster!)
"Mute"-possibility in "Mixer"-window !
Counter ON-OFF in Play/Rec. !
"Do it"-Softkey in Directory-Window ! (it is faster)
Track-"Edit" - "Copy": need delete doublenotes and reduce kontr. data !
Track- "Mix- and Remix- Funktion" for Mix- and Remix ( split ) the midinotes from selected tracks to seperate tracks !! ( like in Cubase )
"Realtime-Rec." in "Song-Mode", ... Rec. all what you do in Seq.-Mode !!!!!!!!!!
"Undo-List" – more undosteps !!
Edit Samples: "Normalize" !!! / "Auto-Normalize"- after recording !!!
"Vol-Adjust and -Ramp(Fade)" for "Zone-Edit" !
"Auto-Beat-Sampling"-Funktion = auto-rec 1-8 bars from incomming audiosignal !!
"Audio to Midi" –Sync. = Sequenzer auto Sync. to the incomming audiosignal !!
...your Site is great ...thanx.............frank

Alex from monomusik cologne:
Solo function should not only work with ONE selected pad, but also with more than one. So you can build your perfomance in solo-mode by adding tracks in solo, would be much more sophisticated, than solo function is by now. On my Yamaha QY70 Sequencer this is implemented and it really rocks.

Do you have any?  Let me know.