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Misc thoughts

MPC expectations. What can the MPC do for me? Not do?
MPC2000XL vs. Computer
Summary of differences between MPC2000 and MPC2000XL
How about MPC2000 vs. MPC60/3000?
MPC timing differences?
Do I own an MPC3000?
My thoughts on an SP-808
Interior of Machine
Construction note, SCSI, and included CD-ROM
Slice, TimeStretch and Note Purge
Track Mute, Next SEQ, 2nd SEQ, Note Variation
Sequencer and Midi
Disk Operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Storage Options?
How do install an internal Zip drive?

How about an internal hard drive?
Connecting an external Zip
Re-sampling and detuning relationship
Memory for the MPC
Sequencer Hiccups?
Why is the Flash Memory option so expensive?
Loose tranlation of the Japanese MPC FAQ
Should I use .snd or .wav files?
Using DOS formatted or MPC formatted disks
What happens when you put that MPC formatted Zip in your PC
Why can't I load programs off a Zip or floppy that I copied from the CD that came with the XL?
Can I rackmount the MPC?
How do I set up my controller keyboard with the MPC?.
Do track mutes carry over between patterns?
I'm upgrading to the XL model, what can I expect?
Drum program and Sequencer Interaction
Can I route the audio in to the outputs?
What's the EB16 Effects option?
Should I buy the EB-16 or the 8-out expansion?
Where's that sysex I loaded and why the error sometimes?
What type of memory should I use in the MPC2000XL?
How do I play all 4 available Drum Programs from an external sequencer?
How can I record track mutes/unmutes on the MPC?
Can I use Recycle with with my MPC? Will it SCSI transfer to the MPC?
Can I use MESA with the MPC?
I just trimmed a short sound and now the MPC won't play it.
What with the strange drum pad/note number layout?
I have the SMPTE option. How can I multitrack with it?
What is MMC (Midi Machine Control)?
What is MTC (Midi Time Code)?
How to multi-track the MPC with a DPS16

Tips and Tricks

Loop in Release
Playing live
Creating Programs
Installing memory
Note Repeat
Looping tip
Wide stereo sample
Automating mix changes
Making loops fit sequences
MPC2000XL Hidden screens
Quick data entry
Looping sequences with program changes
Using a footswitch to advance sequences
Exaggerating/minimizing variations in velocity
Bank changes for midi modules
Setting LCD contrast
Quick note erase from a track
Chopping samples
Got an external midi fader box?
MPC + Computer
Previewing a loop in TRIM
F1 Sorting

Additional MPC Info

Rackmount MPC
Buglist and Wishlist
Mainboard Pics
Outboard pics
MPC2000(XL) Links
Complete Listing of OS Bugfixes/Improvements
Akai ADR-15? What's that

Midicase Main


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